JesFs – Jo’s Embedded Serial Flash System V2.6

JesFs – Jo’s Embedded Serial File System

Definitely files will be on of the most important key topics in the upcoming IoT. Because files separate functionality and data.

Just think of very simple things like language data: on a “very small” Embedded Device (not something “big” like an Embedded Linux, but something that can run with small batteries for years): [More…]

QR_Vis V1.0 – QR Code Generator with C Interface

QR Code
This QR Code links to my page

Ever thought of using QR Codes? With QR Codes you can:

  • Generate Links
  • Access WiFi Networks
  • GPS Coordinates

Using some free libs, I wrote this this little tool. It is also very useful to generate C arrays for bitmaps (E.g. for use on embedded displays). Included is the complete C sourcode (C++ (for RAD Studio) and Exe for Windows). Feel free to use it as you want. This is free software. No warranty!

Download:  [QR_VIS V1.0 (as ZIP)]