LTraX_CC131x – T-2-Cloud Cool-Chain-Logger with Mobile Internet via 2G/3G/4G

This is the first Application-Note for the LTraX_CC131x! It is completely Open-Source, you can find all documentation, files, schematics, software, scripts here: in the LTrax Media Browser.

To the LTraX Demo Server…

And here is the demo server (completely written in PHP and also completely Open-Source)

The device is a cool-chain-datalogger that can run for up to 2-3 years (!) with 4 cheap Alkaline Batteries, if data are transmitted to the server only 2-4 times per day (of course in case of alarms it could start a tranmission immediatelly, because it measures every few minutes).

The device uses digital high precision sensors, so a large number of sensors can be connected to one LTraX. Because the LTraX comes with an embedded Filesystem, the software and function is clear and easy. Also the software and drivers have beend developed and tested very carefully! And not to forget: Always possible:  Secure Firmware Updates via Mobile Internet with the JesFs-Bootloader!

LTraX_CC131x T-2-Cloud – Cool-Chain-Logger with Mobile Internet

Worrying about the SIM? Forget it! Since a short time, Prepaid SIMs are available (August 2018):

  • for costs arround 10 EUR only (ca.) (!)
  • valid for 10 years or more (!)
  • valid in Europe or (almost) Worldwide
  • with included volumes of up to 500 MB
A selection of 10 EUR (ca.) Prepaid SIMs for M2M

So, don’t wait!

The LTraX_CC131x V1.0 Module (here with 2G modem assembled)